Wednesday, September 11, 2013

so...When and Where does this "Green World" exist?

Ah Penny Lane. The Band Aid every one knows. Always off in her own land of the surreal. Kind of like most folks today not knowing how devastatingly EASY it is to just "greenify" any routine. One "green" blog read. One "eco-friendly" product purchased. Then One "earth conscious" moment later.. you realize how many small things you can do. Do not feel like change happens easily. I would kick myself when we were first learning to recycle and go dig through the garbage's to make sure "I did it right" or try to pick up EVERY piece of garbage at the park *now I bring a bag to pick up what I can and that's it*, or my favorite..... just reading and getting upset this information is not public practice here in our way awesome but way self-destructive world. I mean we are a pretty cool planet and all! This knowledge is out there. Here is some now! If you have ever wanted some great insta ideas on living a healthier life these are great for influencing all areas, even your food! Giving up meat once a week is no myth; lighten your carbon footprint and lesson chances of chronic disease- DIS EASE. Having a personal arsenal of references is what keeps me on point (or pinterest) so bookmark (or pin) me for a quick guide to GOING GREEN TODAY!

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