Friday, September 13, 2013

Holistically Natural Cleaning with Vinegar!

So not sure if you are in the know; my main secret stinks.


I had read up on easy ways to use vinegar as a natural cleaner and jumped at the fact it cleaned almost every thing I needed it too. Right way fell IN LOVE with the pure alternative and had not a second thought to it. After awhile my wonderful and amazing husband declared no more vinegar he could not take it. Because I was using it so much the "vinegary" smells never really had time to dissipate and on top of that we had just moved for the 1st time as a military family to a place that had no AC and limited wind flow smell what I am wafting? 

i. was. mortified.


not these tatas.

So after a whiny moment and secret use of it when he went to work the next day I sat down to the new then website pinterest and found my cleaning salvation. CITRUS INFUSED VINEGAR!!

my 1st citrus vinegar cleaner in Jan 2011

GLORIOUS CITRUS PEELS!! I was stoked *and still am 2 years later* with all I can do with the cleaner and no smelly after-burn! I try to use organic only peels in certain batches that are all only organic any way; such as a bag of oranges, or a small bag of limes, but you can mix and match ANY citrus combination you want and it does NOT have to be organic!...that is just a weirdo move I do so I know if it's all organic or not. IF you are not eating and cleaning organic make sure to scrub hardy tardy so you can get rid of all pesticides and germies that will effect your health
if ingested or contaminate your natural cleaner. 

Citrus usually falls in the middle of the road between the "Organic-vs-Non" debate but I tend to follow the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen  ruling! Buying only organic what I need to and seeing what is on sale. If the organic is only a few cents more, the protection of workers rights starts to pull at the cheap me and she gives in hence, sometimes organic cleaner..sometimes CLEAN cleaner :)  Since it is a HUGE misconception that every thing you eat has to be organic, this list as well as the free app come in handy seasonally! My 1st few batches were somewhat boring but later I started playing around with adding lemon and oranges together or just lime.. That's fun in the summer months! I mean have a blast. Mandarins. Clementines. Limes. Lemons. Grapefruit. Lesser knowns: Pomelo, Citron, Mikan, and Red Finger Limes from Australia! Read up on the health benefits of this holistically aPEELing fruit! It is definitely an easy (& cheap!) remix of a classic! Unplug your nose and breath in that refreshing feeling you are one step closer to living the healthier life

Citrus peels + fill and top off with Vinegar. Store in cool place for 2-8 weeks *the longer the better*, shake every few days and either use full strength or dilute down!

Uses: Um, *Everything but specifically: add to your laundry's rinse cycle for THE green way to get rid of static, add to dish rinse cycle to get rid of all residue inside and on dishes, add to your toilet water 10 minutes before you scrub down to let citrus odor penetrate, or pour some into a small bowl or jar and leave out in a room for an odor absorber! I use my peels two times, adding more the 2nd time and use them before I discard them the second time! I do not know where I read it, but I remember it being on Pinterest to use your left over vinegar peels by adding baking soda to them and scrubbing down the sinks and kitchen area, then running them through the disposal. It makes the kitchen smell lickalicious, shine and those hard to "naturally" bleach areas easier!!!! I use this for cleaning and my weekly hair rinse!! LOVE IT AND YOU! Hope this inspires you!

* not recommended for granite, wood floors, and marble

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