Monday, September 23, 2013

Local. H. O. N. E. Y.

It is in no way embarrassing I have 4 jars of honey. Two are Durango, CO local honeys and two are San Diego locals. Do yourself a solid and research your area for some raw, delicious, local, healing honey love! If you are vegan look into the local aspects of proper beekeeping before making a call on more humane honey. It is literally a gift! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Holistically Natural Cleaning with Vinegar!

So not sure if you are in the know; my main secret stinks.


I had read up on easy ways to use vinegar as a natural cleaner and jumped at the fact it cleaned almost every thing I needed it too. Right way fell IN LOVE with the pure alternative and had not a second thought to it. After awhile my wonderful and amazing husband declared no more vinegar he could not take it. Because I was using it so much the "vinegary" smells never really had time to dissipate and on top of that we had just moved for the 1st time as a military family to a place that had no AC and limited wind flow smell what I am wafting? 

i. was. mortified.


not these tatas.

So after a whiny moment and secret use of it when he went to work the next day I sat down to the new then website pinterest and found my cleaning salvation. CITRUS INFUSED VINEGAR!!

my 1st citrus vinegar cleaner in Jan 2011

GLORIOUS CITRUS PEELS!! I was stoked *and still am 2 years later* with all I can do with the cleaner and no smelly after-burn! I try to use organic only peels in certain batches that are all only organic any way; such as a bag of oranges, or a small bag of limes, but you can mix and match ANY citrus combination you want and it does NOT have to be organic!...that is just a weirdo move I do so I know if it's all organic or not. IF you are not eating and cleaning organic make sure to scrub hardy tardy so you can get rid of all pesticides and germies that will effect your health
if ingested or contaminate your natural cleaner. 

Citrus usually falls in the middle of the road between the "Organic-vs-Non" debate but I tend to follow the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen  ruling! Buying only organic what I need to and seeing what is on sale. If the organic is only a few cents more, the protection of workers rights starts to pull at the cheap me and she gives in hence, sometimes organic cleaner..sometimes CLEAN cleaner :)  Since it is a HUGE misconception that every thing you eat has to be organic, this list as well as the free app come in handy seasonally! My 1st few batches were somewhat boring but later I started playing around with adding lemon and oranges together or just lime.. That's fun in the summer months! I mean have a blast. Mandarins. Clementines. Limes. Lemons. Grapefruit. Lesser knowns: Pomelo, Citron, Mikan, and Red Finger Limes from Australia! Read up on the health benefits of this holistically aPEELing fruit! It is definitely an easy (& cheap!) remix of a classic! Unplug your nose and breath in that refreshing feeling you are one step closer to living the healthier life

Citrus peels + fill and top off with Vinegar. Store in cool place for 2-8 weeks *the longer the better*, shake every few days and either use full strength or dilute down!

Uses: Um, *Everything but specifically: add to your laundry's rinse cycle for THE green way to get rid of static, add to dish rinse cycle to get rid of all residue inside and on dishes, add to your toilet water 10 minutes before you scrub down to let citrus odor penetrate, or pour some into a small bowl or jar and leave out in a room for an odor absorber! I use my peels two times, adding more the 2nd time and use them before I discard them the second time! I do not know where I read it, but I remember it being on Pinterest to use your left over vinegar peels by adding baking soda to them and scrubbing down the sinks and kitchen area, then running them through the disposal. It makes the kitchen smell lickalicious, shine and those hard to "naturally" bleach areas easier!!!! I use this for cleaning and my weekly hair rinse!! LOVE IT AND YOU! Hope this inspires you!

* not recommended for granite, wood floors, and marble

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

so...When and Where does this "Green World" exist?

Ah Penny Lane. The Band Aid every one knows. Always off in her own land of the surreal. Kind of like most folks today not knowing how devastatingly EASY it is to just "greenify" any routine. One "green" blog read. One "eco-friendly" product purchased. Then One "earth conscious" moment later.. you realize how many small things you can do. Do not feel like change happens easily. I would kick myself when we were first learning to recycle and go dig through the garbage's to make sure "I did it right" or try to pick up EVERY piece of garbage at the park *now I bring a bag to pick up what I can and that's it*, or my favorite..... just reading and getting upset this information is not public practice here in our way awesome but way self-destructive world. I mean we are a pretty cool planet and all! This knowledge is out there. Here is some now! If you have ever wanted some great insta ideas on living a healthier life these are great for influencing all areas, even your food! Giving up meat once a week is no myth; lighten your carbon footprint and lesson chances of chronic disease- DIS EASE. Having a personal arsenal of references is what keeps me on point (or pinterest) so bookmark (or pin) me for a quick guide to GOING GREEN TODAY!

Have it sent to you!
Conscious Box

Sunday, September 8, 2013

You Can Too: Hallow's Eve Treat 2013 BLAST from DIY 2010!

Halloween could possibly be my favorite holiday. That is a bold statement. 
I truly love all occasions with family and friends alike but there is just that thing about Halloween... dressing up and scary stuff. Okay. Two things. I do not think I know one person who doesn't love getting a little creeped out at their shower curtain or wondering if you should check under the bed, for that masked killer you read about in a fiction novel from yesteryear (& not that it matters but, one of my favorite "scary" movies is Little Monsters!). 

When we lived in Monterey we wanted to have friends over to celebrate and pretty much just have an excuse to purposely live in decorations...for a week we added this and that and made some fun stuff so that I can use them again and again. And let me say, we had a good time! Our rental in Monterey was a find and I really liked that town. If you ever get a chance, go. You will not regret it. 

Sweet Avery (then almost one) did not know what to think of the webbing on our stairwell. It was a tremendous feat that took me late into the night with giddies, don't be fooled it was like watching THAT girl decorating for Homecoming. I was so into it. I was online searching like crazy for cheap ideas, up cycling projects, ANYTHING. And in my very humble opinion, it paid off! 

Almost everything was purchased at the Dollar Tree or found around CL free.

I used clear tape to hang skeletons I had tied some cooking twine around to look like they we hanging skeletons, can be too much for some folks but Avery never noticed. The adults did! 

With the front porch I used blood dripping candles on wine bottles of Two Buck Chuck purchased from Trader Joes, un-carved pumpkins that we later decorated, and "shrunken heads" from apples I carved and let air dry inside (and I only kept these outside for our party and the actual Hallows Eve!)! There are lots on online tutorials for fruit shrunken heads, and since you're not eating them it its ok to skimp and get the non organic brand. 

Eeeeerrrriiiieeees huh? 

For our large front window I got some large trash bags our neighbor was throwing out and some from our multiple moves and cut layers of "flame". Another "cheap Halloween decor idea" search. Still have these too and have used is several windows or can layer in one for a different look! It was super fun in this home because the air vent was on the floor so when the heat kicked on the flames flickered in the shadowy window and it looked super fun! 

For random knick knack areas around the home I glued eye balls on pumpkins and filled glass containers with craft beads and little skulls I found 10/$1 at Target. 

AND again, clear tape makes any decorating super easy. 
Hung a net and tangled little plastic buggies in it and even some fake flesh. 

Found these glow in the dark window skulls for 90% off the DAY of Halloween.. BPA free too. Not an AWESOME eco buy, but since it IS reusable, I figured it'd be worth it for the years/moves to come! I store all my decor in a marked bin for moving/easy seasonal decorating!

Ben admiring the front porch before trick or treaters show up!

some awesome ghouls! 

Found this link for Spiderweb Cookies 
and inspired myself a cake...
My 1st spider web cake was so easy! 

I hope these pictures provide some thrifty encouragement! The one item I did not have pictures of  *and I am not digging them out just yet* are spray painted roses. Found some free ones on Craigslist & cheap elsewhere, bought as-clean-as-I-could black matte spray paint and had black roses all through the house too! Used awesome terrorrrific food ideas from online like dried cranberries as scabs, stuffed dates as roaches, knobs of ginger around as witches knuckles,  witches fingers (cheese sticks with almond ends), vampire punch,... so many ideas out there! Here is a great one for Family Halloween Ideas and another I love is Easy Halloween Ideas . They are the most common you will see flying around, but I encourage you to not give up! YOU CAN PARTY ON A BUDGET, don't be scaaaaaarrrrrrrrred. See for yourself!

Boo for now!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Quinoa Burgers

I Can Not resist the temptation of something fried right up from time to time.
 If you are comfortable and familiar with salmon/crab cakes I'd dive right into rummaging around the fridge/pantry and have some fun. For others who need some guidance to find their art...: The actual pictures were taken last summer, the 1st time I made these! Since then I have upgraded to frying in cast iron skillets only (even then I was all about the coconut oil and evoo but it is a long journey and I learn daily)! Taking steps to walk a clean, healthy lifestyle can be a challenge for some folks and if it is I challenge you (and me) to find what you love and make it healthier; then when you learn more,... healthier, and healthier... until you're happy, or healthy, or since they'll go hand in hand...
when you're body is healed :) 

   I 1st had quinoa patties at a local spot in Newport, RI called Keenwah :) Completely obsessed I quickly ventured to google where I found this recipe from epicurious then decided I am free and so is my quinoa. ROAR. 

Following the basic draft..needed the binder, eggs, bread crumbs, etc... I ended up toasting up two pieces of gluten free bread and pulverizing them with Trader Joe's 21 season salute in a 15$ blender. It is salt free, scrumptious, and not only is this good for me but every one, even if you're not actively
 watching your sodium intake. 
fry you freshman patties

cleaning greens to eat with qp! 
Ended up chopping up some onions, garlic, squash, used local chèvre and all the seasonings of my 
heart's desire!  
After the Quinoa Patties were done I served them over a luxurious salad, because all things green are gorgeous, and topped it avocado slices and homemade dijon vinaigrette! I typically serve them over any hot or cold greens and homemade dressing or juice from the greens! Wrap in lettuce for ultimate protein wrap or vegan treat if you substitute the cheese for almond pepper jack! HELLO! I also have added red onions, roasted pablano peppers, flax, roasted eggplant, any veggie.... the options truly can be catered to you! These guys can be super filling or small and easy to serve as finger foods for younger kids or parties! Blend up some avocado, lemon, salt, evoo and you have one yummy healthy dipping sauce! The whole point is I saw/tasted some thing I loved, and made it my own! You Can Tu! 
Hope this inspires you some way to eat some thing fun!