Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hazelnut Honey Popcorn!

"Do it with what you got."

This is a trend and well played saying from my childhood.

When the giving bug has bitten you but you didn't get that cash from the giving tree it helps to know how to throw quick happies together for some fun and thoughtful gifts!

Recently bulked up on popcorn from Wilderness Family Naturals and had some maple hazelnut whipped honey left from our summer trip to Durango so I decided to mix the two into a scrumptious little popped treat!

I start off right... seasoned cast iron skillet pre heated on low to medium for 2-5 mins.

  • Add 2 - 4 tablespoons of ghee or coconut oil enough to coat the bottom of the pan and have some standing
  • toss in 1 cup of raw dried popcorn and a sprinkle of real salt or Himalayan pink! 
  • pop for 3-7 mins until done.. gentle manhandling the pan over the heat until kernels slow 
  • while popcorn is still hot drizzle over any thing you desire.. today it was the maple hazelnut whipped honey, tomorrow maybe cayenne and nutritional yeast for a cheesy treat! 

At this point you can devour it all or share with friends, whatever you do know that making your own popcorn is not only super easy, but (can be!) a super sweet personal gift! Check these other ideas out!

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