Sunday, September 1, 2013

Quinoa Burgers

I Can Not resist the temptation of something fried right up from time to time.
 If you are comfortable and familiar with salmon/crab cakes I'd dive right into rummaging around the fridge/pantry and have some fun. For others who need some guidance to find their art...: The actual pictures were taken last summer, the 1st time I made these! Since then I have upgraded to frying in cast iron skillets only (even then I was all about the coconut oil and evoo but it is a long journey and I learn daily)! Taking steps to walk a clean, healthy lifestyle can be a challenge for some folks and if it is I challenge you (and me) to find what you love and make it healthier; then when you learn more,... healthier, and healthier... until you're happy, or healthy, or since they'll go hand in hand...
when you're body is healed :) 

   I 1st had quinoa patties at a local spot in Newport, RI called Keenwah :) Completely obsessed I quickly ventured to google where I found this recipe from epicurious then decided I am free and so is my quinoa. ROAR. 

Following the basic draft..needed the binder, eggs, bread crumbs, etc... I ended up toasting up two pieces of gluten free bread and pulverizing them with Trader Joe's 21 season salute in a 15$ blender. It is salt free, scrumptious, and not only is this good for me but every one, even if you're not actively
 watching your sodium intake. 
fry you freshman patties

cleaning greens to eat with qp! 
Ended up chopping up some onions, garlic, squash, used local chèvre and all the seasonings of my 
heart's desire!  
After the Quinoa Patties were done I served them over a luxurious salad, because all things green are gorgeous, and topped it avocado slices and homemade dijon vinaigrette! I typically serve them over any hot or cold greens and homemade dressing or juice from the greens! Wrap in lettuce for ultimate protein wrap or vegan treat if you substitute the cheese for almond pepper jack! HELLO! I also have added red onions, roasted pablano peppers, flax, roasted eggplant, any veggie.... the options truly can be catered to you! These guys can be super filling or small and easy to serve as finger foods for younger kids or parties! Blend up some avocado, lemon, salt, evoo and you have one yummy healthy dipping sauce! The whole point is I saw/tasted some thing I loved, and made it my own! You Can Tu! 
Hope this inspires you some way to eat some thing fun!


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