Wednesday, September 1, 2010

jah people! dance!

yep, already on post #2. so excited & this feeling isn't worth fighting! so i'll elaborate more later, but i have been on a journey recently partaking not only with cosmic fish, but also with my celestial body! i have been educating and researching and growing on how to not just eat healthy or lose weight but to completely go jillian micheals on my assumption and consumption of foods. with my 47 days of bed rest i started reading it all. i was a dry sponge lapping in the tides of empowerment. it felt to good to wet my tongue of such knowledge of food & what society has become because of processed, salt lusted, sugar encrusted poo. since i began this 'recovery' of not just having a child, but also having a terribly difficult pregnancy, i still battle small things, hypertension per preeclampsia being one of them, however in my endeavor to be the "woman i've always wanted to be" i've come to learn patience in editing lifestyle. it is a process. it takes time. i recently went 0-90 starting a workout my body was not ready for. too bad, so sad. but now i have set out my 2 weeks of healing & now i am ready to patiently and tediously figure out a plan that will surely get me where i am going. have no fear my tubby little rear, you will see the light of low rise jeans again!

cherry pie goodness

So this is it. It's official. I am blogging! I've talked about it for a year now. I completely have enough material in notebooks & cookbooks to stay busy, let alone the crap that flies from ever running mouth & mind, yet it is kind of freaky? Freaky is not the word. Whimsical? Indifferently Whimsical. That's it. I am new bud amongst a raging forest of bloggers and just figuring out what template is almost stressful enough to just keep sending my select email group recipes && ideas (I like the && it's fun so get used to it... it is not "and" "and", just "and"). I seriously don't care if anyone even pays attention; it's just exciting to put it down. Get it out. Whatever IT is, it's coming out :)

I promise to stray from politics, unless it is college football, & if you decide to follow along there will probably be no logic, no pattern, and no rhythm; all like me except for the rhythm. So I guess for my first trick, I'll introduce the family! I married the sexiest smartest man & he didn't do so shabby I may say! We have one baby girl, Avery Lillian, who is 9 months old & growing faster than I am ready for. We are the Cantu's & the running joke is WE CAN DO IT! WE'RE CANTUS! Or I CANTU! Yes we are as dorkish as we sound but fahgataboutit. Welcome to my blog about the House of Cantu! CHEERS!

2010 Crawfish Fest Memphis, TN