Wednesday, September 1, 2010

cherry pie goodness

So this is it. It's official. I am blogging! I've talked about it for a year now. I completely have enough material in notebooks & cookbooks to stay busy, let alone the crap that flies from ever running mouth & mind, yet it is kind of freaky? Freaky is not the word. Whimsical? Indifferently Whimsical. That's it. I am new bud amongst a raging forest of bloggers and just figuring out what template is almost stressful enough to just keep sending my select email group recipes && ideas (I like the && it's fun so get used to it... it is not "and" "and", just "and"). I seriously don't care if anyone even pays attention; it's just exciting to put it down. Get it out. Whatever IT is, it's coming out :)

I promise to stray from politics, unless it is college football, & if you decide to follow along there will probably be no logic, no pattern, and no rhythm; all like me except for the rhythm. So I guess for my first trick, I'll introduce the family! I married the sexiest smartest man & he didn't do so shabby I may say! We have one baby girl, Avery Lillian, who is 9 months old & growing faster than I am ready for. We are the Cantu's & the running joke is WE CAN DO IT! WE'RE CANTUS! Or I CANTU! Yes we are as dorkish as we sound but fahgataboutit. Welcome to my blog about the House of Cantu! CHEERS!

2010 Crawfish Fest Memphis, TN

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