Monday, May 6, 2013

Underarm Mclovin

Make your own deodorant! Why subject yourself to harsh chemicals that cause illness in products only intended to force you to come back for more because they only mask the problem with junk. (longest run-on sentence award, thank you! thank you!) Most deodorants are loaded guns of toxic metals and other ingredients no bueno for you or your any one. Love all of ourselves, even our underarms! Even if you are buying aluminum free, or organic, you can still be making it with items found in your pantry! 

I have been doing this on and off for almost three years now; for my personal use and for a few out there that have come to me for help in their own journey! I am in the process of selling more and more as people are becoming aware of the toxins allowed in our every day products. I could go on FOREVER in the toxin department, but if I did, then how would you know to go read on your own :)? I completely encourage continuous education. With food, health, living, world news; read it all, or read about what you want..but read. Research. Experiment. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FAIL. Because three years later you could be sending personalized samples to folks all over the country and attempting to write a decent d.i.y. post.

First I will start with this. I make my own calendula and chamomile oil. You do not have to.  It can be purchased or you can read up on Crunchy Betty's tutorial.  Or even without the soothing properties of these flowers this power-punched-pit-lovin cream is full of goodies. Back to CB, I had been making my own deodorant with coconut or jojoba oil for awhile but as Betty mentions; her (and my) 1st time (or 1st few for me!) were almost disasters but through trial and error and tweaking I have perfected my sexy pit cream! So much truth! Arm pits get no love!!! By reading TONS of posts, researching common allergies, detoxing off chemicals as much as possible, and friends like Lexie kept me encouraged through some pretty rough patches on my journey to today and I encourage you to not give up either! Whether you just want to be money savvy, are looking for safe natural products free from chemicals, or are just interested in starting some where;
start today!

Calendula Chamomile Infused Oil
infusion time: 2weeks
2 1/2 tbsp organic chamomile flowers
2 1/2 tbsp organic calendula flowers
6-8 oz of coconut/jojoba/avocado/
sweet almond/sweet 
apricot/mixture to cover flowers
store in cool place. shake often.

Essential oils give you the freedom of playing! 
The number one thing I can say is use arrowroot powder not cornstarch if you have sensitive skin. It has been through trial and error (or what I had on hand) that I've come to find my skin does not like cornstarch; it likes the arrowroot but se la vie, see what works best for you! I first used the cornstarch then switched to arrowrootIt is less irritating and after sharing Hippie KarMama:Raise UP with several folks from the East to West, Arrowroot seems the favorite amongst them all! Some folks like CB and Lexie:Naturals use baking soda and some times I do. I personally have not had any in awhile since the last batch I did was so big I had to look up my recipe to write this. So I've used only Arrowroot but have made it with baking soda and have had no complaints! :) 

 Every one I know who infuses has a trick or hack for straining. Some use cheese cloth. Some use coffee filters. I use a cheesecloth or these lemon savers that fit AWESOME on glass jars! Should get about 4 total oz of oil. Mix in 1/4 cup - 1/2 cup depending on if you want to mix in baking soda. If so make it equal 1/4 cup measurements and don't be scared to sprinkle some more to saturate the oil. Add  15-20 drops of whatever essential oils you desire and store in a sterile container. Clean your container after every use, please!

I love mine in these little spice jars!

4 oz of coconut oil (or infused oil or healthy oil of choice)
1/4 cup arrowroot
1/4 cup baking soda
essential oils (tend to use lavender and tea tree oil)


4 oz of coconut oil (or infused oil or healthy oil of choice)
1/2 cup arrowroot
essential oils (tend to use lavender and tea tree oil)