Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The CocoNilla Experience

At .21 ml Hippie KarMa's Lip Butter is 40% larger than the mainstream lip balms. It is safe for home composting and filled with natural ingredients intended to take your lips on a fantastic voyage of Cocoa & Vanilla bliss! Emollient rich raw cocoa butter keeps the lips supple while apricot kernel oil softens fine lines and is full of essential fatty acids. But we didn't stop there. We found sustainably sourced vanilla beans (organic burbon) and solar infused it's healing oils within. Vanilla plantifolia is full of antioxidants that round kick free radicals and is a known aromatic stimulant. A sacred aphrodisiac. Kiss in some virgin cp coconut oil and beeswax and you've got yourself one groovy 
little number! 

1 / 8$ 
3/ 20$ 
Are you experienced?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hippie KarMa goes global!

I am so excited! For years I have been perfecting my trade in the homemade department and have taken a liking to herbal holistic health! I have been helping several friends throughout the years and with some strong encouragement I have decided to make my potions available to you! I take pride in my ingredients; Seeking only the most natural and pure is a goal I have and have had for me and my family since embarking on this journey just a few short, short years ago.

Today I start flying this plane I was slowly building from scrap pieces here and there. Inspiration from a pal with severe skin problems, a bad diaper rash after a 4 day drive cross country with babies in the summer, just plain ole sick seasons, hormonal skin and body fatigue, and truly all of us needing some extra tender loving care in this time of misleading marketing. I like to know my ingredients. From head to toe the products I personally use have slowly become the products I make. One small step at a time. For small steps precede giant leaps!

Hippie KarMa is a holistic skin care company dedicated to handcrafted goodies with roots as close as possible to nature and it's sources.

Today we will start this journey with our most inspirational and on demand request. Detox Deodorant!

While pursuing a higher purpose in this education and passion for purposed plants and oils and waxes and all things good for you and your body and our shared planet (See! Excited!!) I found the need for an easy daily aid in my strive for better. I mean life is hard enough, why add to the chaos?

After making some creamy do it your own style deodorants for a few years I began incorporating clay into the regimen for it's odor killing properties. I had already used it for skin poultices and a detox; I was well aware of it's massively impressive drying properties! After some feedback and several trial and error batches that got recalculated and retested on the friends and family... I think we finally came full circle to our underarm-a karma!


  • $17.25 USD 
  • This hit natural deodorant uses ingredients sourced as sustainable as possible. It purposefully combines the right amount of raw sources to combat smelly bacteria and aid in daily cleaning of the lymphatic system all while letting your body sweat and detox naturally like it should. Clay and arrowroot not only aid in a bounty of skin healing benefits, it keeps you dry. 
  • 2 oz jar of Unpolluted Pits has lasted me since July here in San Diego and I will be needing more by next month's end.. so the moral of the story is a little can go a very long way!
  • send me a request or feel free to ask us anything on our facebook page:                                    Hippie KarMa: Rooted in Nature

International Fans!

Just wanted to send out a loving Hello to my international readers!! Here are the countries I am getting fan hits from: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Moldova, Russia, South Korea, and United Kingdom! 

Thanks to all for the love from all over the planet!! & right back at you! 
And you! And you! 
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