Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The CocoNilla Experience

At .21 ml Hippie KarMa's Lip Butter is 40% larger than the mainstream lip balms. It is safe for home composting and filled with natural ingredients intended to take your lips on a fantastic voyage of Cocoa & Vanilla bliss! Emollient rich raw cocoa butter keeps the lips supple while apricot kernel oil softens fine lines and is full of essential fatty acids. But we didn't stop there. We found sustainably sourced vanilla beans (organic burbon) and solar infused it's healing oils within. Vanilla plantifolia is full of antioxidants that round kick free radicals and is a known aromatic stimulant. A sacred aphrodisiac. Kiss in some virgin cp coconut oil and beeswax and you've got yourself one groovy 
little number! 

1 / 8$ 
3/ 20$ 
Are you experienced?

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