Monday, October 17, 2011

Yes. It is that!

I am so disgustingly excited about how EASY & fast this dish is that I literally just ate & am ready to start making my next required snack! I'm blogging from my iPhone for the 1st time so bare w/ me as I try to figure out technology that I don't use to its full advantage. Since finding out I have Gestational Diabetes I've been on the prowl for low carb options & replacements in my meals. I know this isn't uncommon but w/ diabetes on both sides of my family I want to take this time to educate & really learn some awesome lifestyle habits.

Today's education came from my lettuce that came in last week's produce box. I usually make a veggie couscous & eat lettuce wraps but since I'm trying to lay off the large carb intake I decided to do a TBLT Lettuce Wrap! That's turkey bacon, lettuce, & tomato :) All you do is cut up the turkey bacon into whatever size chunks or crumbles you want and cook them. While they're getting ready dice up some fresh tomato & zucchini. When bacon is almost done toss in the veggies & sauté. The turkey bacon should season these up but feel free to add a pinch of salt or seasoning here. Then get your fresh lettuce leaves ready, stuff, & eat! Oh my gosh, yummy right!?!! 3 Veggies, 1 protein & it's something I am pretty sure everyone would enjoy for a quick snack or even a dinner side to talapia & asparagus! Mmm....,now my mind is racing w/ how delish this could be on a picnic or backyard adventure with the kids! Feel free to play with your food.. It's your food!!

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