Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CSA Chamomile Tea

Good Day to y'all!! You would think that the way I run my mouth it would be easier for me to blog but it is not. Unless Dragon dictation develops the from brain thought to word *yes i use word for macs* I don't think it'll ever be easy to sit here and type for 20 mins then erase it all just to give up and not post for months. . pretty much my blog cycle. Either way... quickies seem to be the best. Little blurbs to get me and you until the next in depth sit down! This sweet little number is a tea I made with the fresh chamomile that came in our CSA box earlier this month.
I love our CSA by the way.
pretty little things

Got the inspiration from a wonderful place I took an Herb class
called Self Heal School of Herbs and Healing 

We literally took "weeds" and made a delish tea from room tempered water that took about 3 hours to brew after a good muddling!
I on the other hand did not want to wait hours so I left this baby in the sun for about an hour.
Then mixed in a simple syrup of coconut sugar and water and enjoyed some fresh Chamomile Tea from our beautiful CSA! I encourage you to try some simple tea with your favorite edible flowers!!

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