Friday, April 26, 2013

chocolate ice cream for breakfast

The days of youth are constantly at our fingertips. Wind blowing through your arms that make you want to fly like a bird, sounds of the ocean always bringing magic to your heart, a smell of vanilla in the summer to remind you of sweets that only long gone elders knew how to make; All of the small wonders make a soul so simple and childlike. The sheer giddiness of childlike behavior should be reason enough to enjoy chocolate ice cream for breakfast :) It IS a Mama D version of chocolate ice cream but it's soft serve yumminess will have you melting faster than itself if you don't hurry up and enjoy!

They key to almost all of the smoothies I make is a little trick called FROZEN BANANAS aka Vegan Ice Cream aka Smoothie aka Milkshake Heaven. I am telling you.
 I buy bananas in bulk and usually use most of them but towards the end I will slice up some, freeze them on a single layer and store them in the freezer until I need some creamy satisfaction. I usually use coconut water or water as my thinner but feel free to use milk or juice of choice (once I juiced some spinach for spinach water). Use about 1 cup of bananas per adult serving. For me and the two toddlers I used 3 cups. Pile up bananas, start with 1 tablespoon of cacao, a drizzle of honey and blend. Watch it and go with your instincts/preferences! It will be THICK so work a little bit of your fluid into it slowly (or it'll get kind of watery like in my pictures). Taste it. If you need more cacao or coconut water or honey keep going. This is a VERY sweet treat if you are not careful with your desire to be flooded with pure ice-cream-for-breakfast nirvana!!! I am working on knowing my body better and kind of refuse to give exact measurements. . just start with a basic measurement ( 1 tsp - 1 tbsp )  and taste your way from there. It's bananas and honey and chocolate. YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG!!! As I am mixing these simple ingredients together I drizzle in some melted coconut oil. I keep the coconut oil on top of the fridge so on most days some of it's liquid or you can heat it up as you see fit. Microwave, Stove, Double Boiler. I have a little Turkish tea pot I melt mine with over the gas stove.

Perfection is what this breakfast is. Oh and the kids will adore it too. We were going to add strawberries and blueberries but we ate those while watching this magic happen. 

Let the kids help or if it's for company that is hesitant to "try new things" secretly serve this bad boy and set up a "healthy sundae" bar without folks even knowing *yes I have been known to sneak tons of healthy alternatives into Casa Cantu gatherings but only after I ask for allergies.. I myself can not eat mushrooms so why ruin someone's night/life just because I want to prove vegan ice cream/smoothies are literally a culinarist-guru-in-training's dream!* 

I first was inspired by Dr. Ben Kim's chocolate vanilla smoothie while we were in Rhode Island. It was an instant summer hit. I am now very confident in my testing abilities and use this first experience as a guide to what I have on hand or am planning. This was a quick version Avery happened to ask for one morning so I was like OH YEA! Some times I add the vanilla especially in the smoothie, and most times I sprinkle some crushed walnuts on top. Depends on what I am craving. For the healthy sundae bar you can have a spread of fresh and dried fruit, healthy whip cream, raw nuts, dried coconut flakes, chia seeds and cranberries give a fun sprinkle-ish feel to this but if you're down with sprinkle town then do it! Eating a healthier ice cream is a HUGE first step in a healthier lifestyle or if this is for a dairy free soiree then you know your guidelines, I'm just here for the ICE CREAM :)

I encourage you to try this fun treat any time with some one you love, especially YOURSELF!!!  

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