Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thai Tuesday

Thai quesadilla comes from my love of Mexican and coincides with my goal to clean out the pantry before we move! Sorry I did not take pictures! My toddler needed to be entertained so I could finally eat lunch 3 hours after starting it!

Thai Quesadilla:
Season chicken (while cooking) w/ green onion, cilantro, lime, & tumeric w/ some coconut milk too if you would like... Sauté some greens with curry & coconut milk.. Plop in some peanut butter & soy sauce to meld into a sauce-ish green topping for your chicken.
Cook/heat up corn torts in coconut oil seasoned w/ curry! Assemble Quesadilla w/ Monterey cheese, creamy greens, & chicken! Voila. Scarf!!!

Use tofu or veggies in place of chicken for vegetarian & replace w/ soy cheese for vegan!

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