Sunday, November 6, 2011

Update on DIY detergent earth!

I wanted to say I made my own dryer sheet in Sept & it's still going strong!! I used a cloth diaper (a really thick burp cloth) & soaked it in an organic plant based liquid softener w/ lavender essential oil until completely saturated but not dripping. It took 4 days to dry 100%. It was supposed to last 40 dries but I'm not really sure where I'm at. All I know is between the vinegar in my laundry detergent & the dryer sheet, my clothes are not static-y nor do they smell like I make my own stuff. I am loving it all!!

Because the burp cloth is white & easily lost I wrote on it but it's so ugly I didn't want to share photos. It looks like tie dye done rancid. I suggest cutting out something & sewing it to the cloth to help it stand out!

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