Friday, July 15, 2011

long time no see, blog, log in or even care.

so hello me. the only one who really needs this blog. i got a new email, forgot this log in, & just spent 30 mins trying to remember it because yes. i really do have crapola i'd love to share, just never do. unless you're the handful of folks i send emails to! all this being said...the more i read other people's blogs and the more i keep my hidden posts on the blackboard in my head then i erase when i realize i forgot what i wanted to share and start all over with a blank slate. literally.

since my last log in, 10 months ago, i've gone home to tx to visit family, twice. i've gotten involved with a parents place playschool and gotten pregnant. i am currently 22 weeks and counting...the answer to my question of how i forgot my password. being this dumbfounded all the time makes me wonder how the duggard mother of 19 can survive let alone remember all her kids names. i know there were lots of things i had on my plate to discuss over the past few months but let's just start with that clean blank slate i was talking about... to be continued next, more delicious post!

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