Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Colorings, Packs, Printables and Masks!

Since graduating with a BA of Special Education and a MA in Bing/Google and becoming a gypsy Navy wife/mother I've come to utilize any freeness at it's well best-est! *I never claimed to always follow the rules either* We are huge fans of in home learning and in home seasonal coloring :) Any printable is always fun and now that both girls are freely expressing themselves with color and texture and demands to do it all by themselves... I love a continuous source of ...awesome. Here is a quick list of our favorite places to find new friends to color! We print on recycled paper and print on both sides, or definitely use both! If buying recycled paper is too much then cutting up bags from the store or left over scrap paper is always fun too! This is neat to let the natives pick out their own pictures and make themselves a coloring book for a road trip or another move! These are all places I have used for free since my teacher aid days.

Enjoy all the play and learning with the littles you share this with!
Even if it's just little you! *you'll see, spoonful has Disney!*

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