Thursday, September 29, 2011

Checking BACK In!

It's been brought to my attention four times this week that it has been more than a quick minute since I last blogged. I've had someone ask if I had a blog, 2 friends check in on me to see if I am okay because I have not blogged, and my loud mouth couldn't stop any thought coming from my brain and I splurged on how much I love my laundry detergent to a fellow mom that I am pretty sure thinks I am nuts because I don't have a pause or stop button on my rants, including shameless plugs about this said blog you're stuck reading. So to catch things up we've had company, finals for my husband getting his Masters, a week of play, good news from friends, and 'eh' news from my Dr. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and spent most of our week of play desperately trying not to blame myself but now that I've seen x amount of Drs in x amount of days I feel more than confident that this too shall pass! Now to really get into the good stuff.. I've got to get my camera and start uploading pictures but coming up are some yummy recipes I know you will L O V E!

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