Saturday, August 20, 2011

fast food = happy mommy

Hello you, blogger world. I have been frantically trying to figure out how to merge my blogger to my new email address and it's pretty much impossible and I am not savvy enough to do it, I'll just wait until someone graciously does it for me, or just have 3 email address... forever. Either way for all you the gals (&gent) that like the recipes I have quiet a few headed your way, so please be patient! I have broken out a dehydrator and started practicing with that and have been trying to craft and stimulate my growing toddler thanks to my new pinterest obsession! If you don't know what this is, click this link --> pinterest Literally it's the best place to keep an online "portfolio" of diy, wish i was there's, kid ideas, furniture loves, and pretty much well, whatever you want! Recipes, Ideas, Hacks.. it's all there! For my only trick today I will be giving you the most simplistic dinner trick I have besides crackers and cheese... Instant Stir Fry!

I usually buy a couple of frozen bags of organic brown rice from Trader Joe's, but most grocery stores have this! This is a quick and easy add to lots of meals, but when paired with steamable frozen organic veggies or even quick steamed of whatever you have in the fridge. A splash of fish sauce, tamari or soy sauce, maybe a pinch of garlic and boom. Veggie stir fry in less than 10 mins. This is a quick make if you have leftover meat you need to get rid of but there isn't enough for a full meal, or even a Smörgåsbord of vegetable leftovers from dinners throughout the week. Random as all this sounds, it works and it's good. You can always purchase some frozen edamame and have an appetizer too ( I add them into our stir fry's)! Stir fry to me is a blank canvas starting with brown rice, do what you want and have fun with it! Try something new every week! This is the only picture I remembered to take since it was so quick and we all were ready to eat!


  1. I love the new blog and especially the new address. I'm so glad you got it!

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